Provided structural design and consultation for the movable drone and autonomous mobile robotics deployment modules for Verizon Robotics. The Operations Telecommunications Trailer Resource modules are known as OTTRs that provide a wide range of visual surveys, from overhead shots of the Super Bowl to canvassing damage from natural disasters.

*OTTRs are code-compliant buildings designed to be moved from site to site wherever they need to be deployed to be close to the action. They are self-contained and can operate either connected to local infrastructure or established off-grid with a generator and onboard water and sewage. They are designed to comply with the international building code, including hurricane and seismic zones, making them exceedingly durable. With rigid steel frames, non-combustible corrugated galvalume cladding, and impact-resistant glazing, the OTTRs can be safely and legally used in the most demanding terrains. The OTTRs contain the technology to conduct complex technical drone and autonomous mobile robotics operations, such as finding infrastructure breaches, at-risk populations, and utility disruptions caused by environmental disasters, so that aid resources can be allocated precisely. They can also coordinate multiple drones or autonomous mobile robots to cover sporting and concert events from different vantages.


* Images and description courtesy of Garrison Architects.


  • Location:

    Various Locations

  • Client:

    Garrison Architects

  • Size:

    1,260 SF