Lake Charles Medical Hospital

Lake Charles, Louisiana

Murray Engineering provided the structural design for the Lake Charles Medical Center, located on a 58 acre site in Louisiana. The project included the design of three separate buildings – The 100,000 square foot Women’s Hospital, the 55,000 square foot Medical Office Building, and a 10,500 square foot power plant. The buildings required special planning and detailing in order to withstand hurricane force winds and heavy rain.

The Women’s Hospital and Medical Office Building included long, low-sloping roofs with large eaves and clerestories that enclosed their partial second floors. The power plant was developed to enclose the emergency generators and other building support systems. All of the buildings were constructed using a ribbed concrete slab on grade and spread footings, which not only act as a mat foundation on the expansive clay soil, but also as a ballast to withstand the tremendous uplift forces imparted with hurricane-force winds. This designed allowed the facility to remain operational during and after Hurricane Rita in 2005.