875 Park Avenue

New York, NY

A 1912 landmarked luxury multiple residential structure Murray engineering investigated, designed, and inspected the repair and partial reconstruction of the façade. The remediation program was complex and multifaceted. There were many classic water infiltration issues that resulted in cracked and spalled stone and rusting steel superstructure. The façade was not only structurally complex but offered up many lessons in early 20th century building construction standards. The façade assembly of terra cotta, brick and stone presented many repair opportunities. Murray Engineering provided continuous investigation and assessment of conditions as access and scheduled repair work allowed. As the survey expanded Murray Engineering scope included the shoring and replacement of steel beams and columns severely damaged by corrosion. Murray Engineering worked with the entire team to develop a $5M phased remediation program. The project won a Friends of the East Side award and the preservationist architect is eagerly awaiting the results of the Preservation League of New York State.


Client: 875 Condo Board

Architect: FSI Architecture