651 New York Ave

Brooklyn, NY

At 651 New York Avenue, in Brooklyn New York, the building is a 30,000 sf, 6 story multi-family condominium building with 40 modern, condo units. The structural system consists of cast-in-place concrete. Our engineering design was able to provide a structure compatible with the architectural design and vision. The most efficient and precise designs were made to make the most of every inch available.


The 651 New York building was designed with passive house principles to create a thermally-efficient building to meet the Developer’s requirements for the building. All balcony slabs of the individual units were designed and custom detailed to provide a thermal disconnect from the interior floor slabs to avoid thermal bridging through the concrete.


As the biggest segment of our work, energy-efficient multi-family housing is something we take pride in designing. The property at 651 New York Avenue is a premiere location for growth. Multi-story buildings are key to making the most of this revived area and Murray Engineering was delighted to be a part of it!


Developer: Hello Living

Architect: Loadingdock5 Architects