Murray Engineering stands for innovation in structural and civil engineering. We are dedicated to serving the architects, developers, contractors and public agencies who are under increasing pressure to build and/or restore facilities quickly and at the least cost.

Our services include, among others, rehabilitation and historical restoration, forensic analysis, building systems and envelope evaluation, sustainable design and construction, feasibility analysis and alternative structural systems, foundation design, construction services and special investigations of buildings in distress.



Murray Engineering specializes in Structural Building Design services. Our past projects have included steel-frame, concrete flat-slab, block and plank, modular, and many more types of building design and construction. We understand that each building and project is different, and will work with our clients and the design team to select a system that is safe, efficient, and meets the expectations of all parties involved.



In a city full of existing structures of various ages and framing systems, it is important to understand the structural implications of any proposed work. We are often called-upon early in the development process to conduct a feasibility study, which provides the client with an overview of the existing structural conditions, possible expansion/renovation routes and limitations, and recommendations for further analysis/investigation. Most often, Murray Engineering will survey the existing framing, research allowable floor load capacities, and explore the building’s performance under the introduction of additional stories or additional floor area through a horizontal expansion. In these studies, we work closely with the client and design team to ensure a clear understanding of structural feasibility is achieved.



Special investigations services include underpinning analysis and design, building inspections, temporary bracing and shoring, and many other miscellaneous Structural Engineering applications. With our broad background in many facets of Structural Engineering, our team of professionals can address any Structural issue encountered. In the past, we have successfully aided clients with emergency repairs and assessments, provided efficient and safe underpinning of existing building foundations, and ensured stable conditions during installation of new structural elements.


As one of the primary sectors of our engineering services, Forensic Investigations and Engineering projects comprise over 20% of Murray Engineering’s work. We take pride in our ability to survey, assess, and analyze existing structures while maintaining our client’s interests. Past projects have included forensic investigations, as well as rehabilitation and restoration of building systems. Our expertise allows us to assess the structural impact of visible water damage, corrosion, improper or inadequate design, and subsurface conditions that have changed with time.


Evidence of Building Envelope and Façade work is prominent throughout New York City with the numerous sidewalk sheds and scaffolds visible on any given day. Each is an example of Local Law 11 work as well as façade renovation/restoration. Murray Engineering has vast design experience in all types of façade and roofing system design. Our projects have ranged from Cast Iron façades to membrane roofing systems. With our team of engineers, we can properly assess any condition and develop a design that fits our client’s needs.


Peer reviews are a common practice in our industry. Whether prompted by a Department of Buildings inquiry, or a lender who wants to ensure a proper design, peer reviews often serve as the final step towards completing the design phase and proceeding with construction. We understand the delicate nature of a peer review and strive to complete any requested review in a timely-manner, while ensuring proper engineering practices have been upheld.



One of the many ways we serve our clients is to ensure they are getting a Structural System that is not only safe, but also cost-efficient. We understand that the mark of a good engineer is one who appreciates the client’s needs and works with the client and design team to develop the best system for all parties. To this end, each of our projects includes a value-engineering review where our team of engineers and project managers reviews the proposed work and looks for ways to reduce cost and increase efficiency of construction.



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