At Murray Engineering, we recognize that every project and every structure is unique. While we exercise great care in developing our designs, there are structures that fall outside of “standard” construction practices and require even more care and attention – these are our “Special Structures”. Past “Special Structures” projects have included coastal residential buildings in the Rockaways and Hospital Buildings located in the hurricane prone region of Lake Charles, Louisiana. In any of these projects, Murray Engineering will work closely with the client and design team, as well as local code officials, to ensure proper Structural Engineering practices are utilized.


Murray Engineering provided complete structural engineering services for a beach front comfort station and changing facility in Rockaway Park. The concrete structure is an asymmetrical shape with parabolic curves. It was designed as a post-tensioned reinforced concrete slab supported by steel columns and a foundation system of pile caps and grade beams. The lateral system of the structure was provided by masonry shear walls which also served as an architectural design element. The post tensioning steel in the concrete slab provided crack control and added capacity. Stainless steel reinforcement was used to protect from the corrosive ocean environment. Murray Engineering provided construction oversight and cross-discipline coordination. The structure survived Hurricane Sandy without any structural damage.

Client: NYC Parks Department
Architect: WXY Studio


Murray Engineering was selected to design and develop a  4,500 square foot single family home on Shelter Island. The home was set diagonal to the water, resulting in panoramic views of Gardiner’s Bay and the Gardiner’s Bay lighthouse without obstructing the views of neighboring properties. The structural system consists of cast-in-place concrete framing with steel framing the upper floors. To accommodate the architectural profile, tapered sections were used on the concrete girders along the perimeter, with engineered wood joists for the flooring system.

Architects: Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates.


Murray Engineering provided complete structural engineering services for the installation of a roof top pool in a cast iron and masonry building built in 1857. To complete the structural design, investigation required a full historical building assessment, seismic analysis, and evaluation of the existing framing. Some areas of the design included long spans with 51 foot beams. It was also necessary to ensure all new framing introduced could be safely installed and integrated with the existing building.

In addition to the design services, Murray Engineering provided construction oversight and cross-trade coordination.  The pool utilizes a current and gutter filtration system, and required extensive coordination between all disciplines involved in the project. Those included, but were not limited to, structural, mechanical and electrical work.

Client‐ Keiser Family
Architect: Andrew Fredman


Glen Island Park - New York, NY

Glen Island Castle, built in 1879, remains a historical remnant at Glen Island Park in Westchester County, New York. Murray Engineering was consulted to provide a structural investigation, and subsequent stabilization, in order to preserve the historical context of the building.