Historic preservation is sometimes complex but always rewarding.  Unlike other engineers, we live the preservation credo “Do No Harm”. Our experience allows us to understand the original intent and performance of existing structural systems and we approach our historic projects with the preservationist’s goals in mind.  From repurposing a designated historic landmark in SoHo or the West Village, to being involved in some of the most significant and intensive preservation efforts in the Hudson River Valley, Murray Engineering has the creative ingenuity and expertise that can mean the difference between preservation and devastation.


Murray Engineering was retained to conduct an assessment of the Windermere’s façade, roof and structural systems amid concerns regarding the century old building’s stability after falling into disrepair. Our team determined that the building was in need of shoring and bracing, along with extensive façade repairs. A multi-phased plan for rehabilitation was devised in order to revive the building.

The scope included the continued monitoring and evaluation of the building façade and structural framing throughout the rehabilitation in order to ensure the safety of all on-site personnel.


55 WALKER - New York, NY

This 5 story marble-clad building was severely damaged due to an adjacent lot excavation and construction activity.  Murray Engineering was consulted to provide a plan for remediation.   The adjacent excavation weakened the existing foundation at 55 Walker Street, resulting in a 3-inch settlement in the building’s West wall. In its review, Murray Engineering noted significant structural instability and damage to the façade. To stabilize the structure and ensure continued safe occupancy, Murray Engineering recommended reinforcing the existing foundation. At the request of the owners, Murray Engineering coordinated the investigation, construction management, and reinstallation of the entire stone façade and anchorage.

Architect: FSI Architecture


The Cary building, erected in 1857, is one of New York’s oldest cast-iron façade buildings. The exterior of this five-story landmark building has been preserved in its original state, while interior alterations have allowed the space to be used for commercial, office and residential use.  The façade elements and envelope had received very little attention until a new owner decided to invest in renovating the building in 2004.  Murray Engineering has continued to provide long-term engineering evaluation and designs for alterations in this historic building.

Our work has included a forensic study of the original assembly and materials along with the coordination of the restoration with the New York City Landmarks Commission and Department of Buildings.


875 PARK AVE - New York, NY

Originally constructed in 1912, the building at 875 Park Avenue is a designated Historic Landmark which serves as a luxury residential building on the Upper East Side. Murray engineering was called in to investigate, design, and oversee the partial disassembly of the building envelope for repair and replacement of the deteriorated structural and decorative façade elements.

The remediation program proved to be challenging and multifaceted with many classic water infiltration issues that resulted in cracked and spalled stone, and a rusting steel superstructure. The façade was not only structurally complex but it also consisted of details with multiple materials including terra cotta, brick and stone. Murray Engineering provided continuous investigation and assessment of conditions as access permitted. As the survey expanded, Murray Engineering was tasked with the replacement of the steel beams severely damaged by corrosion.

We then developed a 5 million dollar phased remediation program with the architect. Given the involvement and interest of the community within the neighborhood, Murray Engineering provided construction administration as well as phasing review for the complex construction phase.

Client: 875 Condo Board
Architect: FSI Architecture


80 WHITE STREET - New York, NY

80 White Street is a century old building located in the Tribeca East historic district.  The building has a cast-iron and marble façade and serves as a warehouse for a tool distribution center.  The building suffered damage during the construction of a new building on an adjacent property.  Murray Engineering was retained to survey and evaluate the damage sustained as well as develop drawings and specifications for the repair of the building.  The historic façade needed to be deconstructed and restored to its original position and detailing.

Murray Engineering also served as owner’s representative and liaison with the insurance companies in General Tools’ claim.

Client: General Tools