One of the first major projects Murray Engineering designed is a hospital in Lake Charles, Louisiana with Pomarico Design Studio over 15 years ago. We are proud to say the medical center and architects are still our clients. Murray Engineering’s scope of services range from complete structural design of new hospital and medical center buildings to studies of existing buildings for seismic upgrades, additions, renovations, and installation of new medical equipment to adapt to the ever-changing needs of the medical industry.  We are currently finishing a complex project at Hackensack Medical College while waiting for the glass atrium design for the Bronx VA to begin.

New York, NY

Murray Engineering provided structural consultation and design services for the replacement of the existing cooling towers at Bellevue Hospital in Manhattan.  The project included site visits to inspect and survey the existing framing conditions along with a determination of the total unit weight of the existing cooling towers.  Additionally, we conducted a forensic study to determine the weight distribution of the new, heavier towers for impact on the existing structure.

We were required to coordinate with the general contractor for all new pipe hanger supports, vibration isolation and new pipe penetrations through the existing roof.


Client: Bellevue Hospital
Engineer: Goldman Copeland Mechanical Consulting Engineers

Rhinebeck, NY

We are currently designing the proposed expansion of the Northern Dutchess Hospital in Rhinebeck, NY.  The project involves the design of a 78,300 square foot, 3-story building with a partial basement.  The new structure will include medical office space on the first floor, patient rooms on the second floor, and operating rooms on the third floor.  We are providing corridor links to connect the addition to the existing hospital buildings on both sides.

The building’s framing system consists of steel beams, girders and columns supporting a composite concrete slab at each floor.  The main level consists of a partial concrete slab on grade and partial framed floor over the basement area.  In an effort to reduce construction costs, we completed a schematic phase comparison of two types of lateral load resisting systems.  We concluded that by using the elevator cores and stair towers as shear walls we would reduce the project’s steel weight by approximately 130 tons, which translates to a potential savings of $75,000 - $100,000.

Developer/Non Profit: Northern Dutchess Hospital
Architect: Steffian Bradley Architects



New York, NY

Murray Engineering was the structural engineer of record for the installation of the world’s most advanced hybrid interventional radiology and endoscopy operating room suite in veterinary medicine. Among the design challenges for this 3.5 million dollar upgrade was the forensic investigation of 100-year-old steel and cinder-concrete building with minimal destructive testing. The suspended equipment and framing installation required bolt specification and load testing to ensure safety. The design and construction was phased to avoid slowing down one of the busiest and most advanced animal hospitals in the country.

Client: The Adler Group/ The Animal Medical Center
Architect: Perkins Wills


Murray Engineering coordinated the installation of medical equipment in the basement of the Ullmann Research Building at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. The project called for shoring, bracing, and site excavation before the largest piece of equipment, a more than 15 ton chiller measuring approximately 35 feet long by 10 feet wide, could be installed.  This chiller could not fit through any existing openings in the building envelope and therefore had to be installed through a temporary opening in the existing foundation wall.

Our scope included the design of the temporary foundation wall opening, re-grading, construction of a temporary access ramp, and review of the impact on the overall stability of the existing building through all phases of construction.

Construction Company Client: Argus Construction

LAKE CHARLES - Lake Charles, Louisiana

Murray Engineering provided the structural design for the Lake Charles Medical Center, located on a 58 acre site in Louisiana. The project included the design of three separate buildings – The 100,000 square foot Women’s Hospital, the 55,000 square foot Medical Office Building, and a 10,500 square foot power plant. The buildings required special planning and detailing in order to withstand hurricane force winds and heavy rain.

The Women’s Hospital and Medical Office Building included long, low-sloping roofs with large eaves and clerestories that enclosed their partial second floors. The power plant was developed to enclose the emergency generators and other building support systems. All of the buildings were constructed using a ribbed concrete slab on grade and spread footings, which not only act as a mat foundation on the expansive clay soil, but also as a ballast to withstand the tremendous uplift forces imparted with hurricane-force winds. This designed allowed the facility to remain operational during and after Hurricane Rita in 2005.